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    Good morning!

    I’m trying to gather info about the price indexes of properties in south-Spain in the last 4 years. Do you have any tips on where I could gather the info?
    (I found something on kyero but it covers only the last 22 months).


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    Hello Dids – this thread may be of interest to you:
    (on page 4 of Forum ‘Data from Spain’s real estate booms)

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    Aunty Val

    Dids – you mention the Kyero figures – personally I wouldn’t give Kyero any credence whatsoever.

    They publish asking prices (so there can be huge discrepancies between sensible and not) and they only base their figures on what sometimes are extremely limited numbers of property.

    The village I live in has an average price of 600k – great! Not really, they based that on one property!

    So, personally, I can only suggest one use for the paper that comes out of a printer with Kyero figures on it. đŸ˜‰

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    Hi Dids.j,

    What informatin would you like? I have been in sales for the last 4 years, lived in spain for 12 and dont do the overinflated sales price thing.

    I can give you accurate info.

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