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    I originally purchased a property, off plan, to use as a holiday home. It has took about 4 years, has had 3 different developers involved but is actually now finished. All the houses were built roughly to spec but mine, the only one out of 55 to suffer this, was completely changed in both size (now smaller) and layout, with the garden about half what is was meant to be. This was due to an issue with the land. I have been offered a refund, in writing (email) by the second developer and the current developer originally said they would honour this. This so far, hasn’t happened so I am taking up a legal case.

    The house is finished as is the development and the new developer is busy selling the remaining 17 that are unsold.

    Has any one else been in this situation? The development is legal etc. but it seems crazy to go through the courts if I could sell the property. Can I do this, as I have never completed and so far have paid a 30% deposit.


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