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    Cutting a long story short, we had a property in the Torrevieja area that was purchased in 2007. Unfortunately, due to emergency circumstances we had to leave and return to the UK after only a few months of living in the property, this was late summer 2007.

    We were unable to keep the mortgage payments to Banco De Valencia (now La Caixa) and therefore just assumed that the bank would repossess the property and that would be the end of it. We never heard anything since.

    10 years on, we went on holiday to Spain a few weeks ago and still had a set of keys for the property, we went to the property and it was clear that the house hadn’t been touched since we left and the keys still worked.

    We went to seek advice from a solicitor who did a land registry search, this came back and apparently nobody owns the property, it was ‘delisted’ from our names back in 2014 and is no longer registered to anybody.

    I just want to know where we stand legally on this, the solicitor said to contact the bank which we have several times to no avail, they say they will get back to us but never actually do.

    Does anyone have any experience with situations like this?

    Any advice will be much appreciated.

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    I’ve been a lawyer for more tan 20 years and I have never heard about a situation like this one. It is mostly unusual.

    I would suggest that you go to the notary where you signed the title deed (escritura) and explain him/her the situation. Ask him/her if he can get in contact with the Land Register and find out what has happened.

    Then, maybe he/she can advise you about a good lawyer that can help you out.

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    Good advice

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