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    When we bought our property nearly 2-years ago our solicitor picked up a problem with regard to the escritura namely that the boundary was incorrect. As it’s a village house and the boundary is quite clear she said that it wouldn’t be difficult or expensive to have it sorted although it could take some time. Recently she has told me that the law has now changed in and it’s now not sufficient to do whatever was acceptable under the old law and we must now comply with the new requirement. This in spite of me having put my application for change nearly 2-years ago. She informs that it will now cost much more than if done earlier and involves having a new escritura. Anyone else had this problem.

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    Are you talking of a difference in what Registry and the property deeds say about your plot’s surface or boundary and the actual surface and limits are???, if so, is the difference more than the 20% of the real surface? Is there some problem with the planning regulations of the area instead? Do you have any other official documentation with the correct limits of your property? say catastral references or official maps in planning regulations?


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