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      we are going out on a promotion tour to the Costa Blanca with
      a company call Amba Sun International. has anyone experience
      of such tours with this company.

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      Just be aware that these promotional tours are orchestrated to get you to commit immediately leaving you little or NO time to privately question what you have been told and seek an independant lawyer.
      However good the offer they will be saying the same to others in the future.
      And if you read this board that is why many have problems.

      If possible please make sure of the legalities ( planning permission etc) before you promise to give then one cent.

      So much property in Spain that the sales technique is becoming more ruthless
      Take care and all the best

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      Very wise words from Melosine.

      If I may, I’d like requote something I wrote on the subject in a previous thread:


      This question has been asked many time before on this forum, and the replies I always read state:

      Don’t go on one of these inspection trips.

      – too much pressure to buy (you have to be really hard-nosed to resist)
      – you only see a limited amount of properties that they deal with
      – no chance to see ANYthing else, they collect you from the hotel and drop you back after a long day – and often the hotel they chose is remote!
      – don’t be fooled by the cheap tour price – they will get it back from you when they load on their huge commissions.

      Far better to go independently, meet several different agents, talk to as many people as you can (the bars are a good place!) to get a feel/advice re. the area.
      May cost more in the short term, but……..

      …..and most importantly:

      You will only hear what they want you to hear !

      Whatever your decision re. the inspection tour, wish you good luck in your property-hunting trip, take your time re. any decision – from what I gather it is a buyer’s market out there with plenty of properties to choose from – absolutely no need to feel pressurised to make a hasty decision whatsoever.

      I realise from your post you have already booked. Just wanted you to be aware/prepared re. the pitfalls of these tours so you can be smarter than them!


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      There is a comment on this company on the general off plan board at

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      Hi Manus,

      I cant help you regarding this actual company although I do know them.

      My reason for posting is that I think it is extremely unfair for “Dorothy” to post a link to another forum with someone posting negative comments about them.

      I have read these commentsand they cannot be verified as being truthful and could be posted by other companies to damage the reputation of a rival knowing that people like “Dorothy” will post them elsewhere.

      I think you should ignore this type of post unless someone can verify the contents and instead rely on somone that can give a personal experience.



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      Most people usually want to know both positive and negative comments, and then use their own intelligence to make a decision.

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      Hi Dorothy,

      I quite agree that people should make up their own minds but they should be doing this after being presented with facts not heresay.


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      Bernard, Wouldn’t the answer to this type of question on any forum be heresay ❓

      Be it positive or negative ❓

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      Hi Dorothy,

      The original question was “has anyone had experience of such tours with this company”

      If a forum member here has been on a tour and posted their experience I think Manus could rely on this as a reliable statement from a real experience and not heresay.

      We can all communicate here with pm’s or postings to obtain more information, however that posting was by the EOS Team themselves for someone called Mrs Kirkham.

      I just disagree that this should even be linked to from here. The only purpose of the link is to cast a negative impression.


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      We went on a tour with this company in July – the girl was ‘Im in this job because I bought my home from them and I wanted other people to have the same experience as me.’ While all the time was being told that there was no pressure to buy because its a big commitment, etc etc – in hindsight I know were being subtly pressured under the we are a really good group of people, with a really good group of staff.

      What I would say is enjoy the tour, take the most out of it meals included – you don’t have to stick with the Amba Sun Menus in the restaurants and you don’t have to eat with them at night if you don’t want too – ensure you ‘take’ time away from them to clear your head – do not fall for this property will go soon, or there are only a few left, prices are going up etc – Remember – There is always another deal to be had. Come home and give it some serious thought. I regret putting a deposit on a property and then finding out I could have got it for 10,000 less with another company. We are pulling out of the deal for now and will look elsewhere.

      Hope this helps.

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      Many thanks for all the replies.
      We have returned from the said inspection tour and we must say that
      there was huge underlying pressure on us from day one to buy.
      The most shocking revelation was that the agents take up to 18% in
      commission on any sale.
      We were housed up in a remote hotel – 40 miles from where we set our
      sights on and were unable to get a feel for the intended area.

      YES we did commit to a 3000 euro deposit on a quad in Vista Azul x11
      Villamartin. Builders are Grupo Nava Saez.

      On returning home we have learned that the Mayor of Oriheula has been
      up in court facing 16 charges of planning corruption involving the Town Hall, developers and other businessmen.

      Again thanks for the response.

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