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      We bought a flat in Palma , Mallorca a year ago, using a well known local solicitor, from a bankrupt developer . The bankers draft, clearing the mortgage, was made out and paid to the bank in possession of the property at the notary on the day of purchase.. A month ago we found out the property is about to be sold at auction for non payment of the outstanding mortgage. We have now managed to get the land registry to acknowledge the fact that the debt was paid off and produced a letter saying so. However we were told that this letter needs 2 weeks to become activated . In the meantime the flat is still registered in the law courts for auction.
      Our lawyer is confident that the repossessing bank is in the process of instructing the law courts to cancel the auction. We are not convinced.
      Any advice?

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      Chris Nation

      I would launch what the artillery call a ‘hurricane bombardment’ of the bank, in all forms of comms, to get that cancellation done. If the bank is geographically accessible, I’d be in their faces regularly.

      And chivvy your lawyer on, too. I’m sure you are getting assurances that it’s all going to be all right but why not assume the opposite, on the basis that it’s safer that way.

      Everybody [of a certain age] remembers Nikita Khruschev at the UN taking off his shoe and banging his desk with it. Nobody can remember the nice guys trying to calm him down.

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