Prices of one bed apartments in El Rompido or Punta Umbria

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      Any of you know what one would have to pay for a one bed apartment in either El Rompido or Punta Umbria?
      We were there 3 weeks ago and its seems to be very expensive. Nothing less than 180k euros. I thought property prices are going down!!!


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      They are not going down in that area or Costa de la Luz. Costa de la luz got on to the Band Wagon a bit late and prices are reasonable as the infrastructure is not yet there.

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      Hi Shakeel,

      A little update for you. The province of Cadiz, of which the costa de la Luz forms part, has wonderful roads.

      I live in Medina Sidonia and all the roads around here are new. Two of the access roads up into the town have been upgraded and the third is “en obra” as I write. Also, a second by-pass on the west side of town is under construction.

      It takes 25 mins to drive at the legal limit to Jerez Airport and 2 hours to Malaga Airport on the wonderful new dual carriageway to Los Barrios and then on the autopeaje.

      Ikea are going to open a store at Jerez. Jerez airport is one of the fastest growing airports in Spain and has European wide links. The new roads to Vejer and Chiclana get me to the beach in 30 minutes.

      We have a new commercial centre with a Mercadona and a covered swimming pool. The cost of living is one of the lowest in Spain. House prices have risen substantially in the last 5 years and the market is now very quiet, which is hardly surprising. The town is currently testing its sewage treatment plant and a major archaeological dig is nearing completion in the old castillo.

      Cadiz, Jerez and Sevilla are all within an hour and the pueblo blancos of the Sierra de Cadiz can be visited easily in a day driving on the most wonderful roads. This is one of the best places to live in the whole of southern Europe. I’ll take this level of infrastructure any day.

      Un gran abrazo,


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      I have always loved the costa de la Luz, often go for weekends. Lot of building in some places, hope they don’t spoil it. The prices don’t seem much different to here though. Many people say the wind is too strong but when I have been it was always ok.

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      Hi Casabola,
      Thanks for the update. I have been going to that part of the world for many years and yes things are happening and I have driven myself on those roads around Easter time and went to Ayamonte for a fresh fish dinner and drove back to Marbella via Los Barrios at night.

      A few years ago I would have never contemplated this journey in the evening. The infrastructure that I meant was more than road net work and further I was comparing it with Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca. I suppose I should have used the world relatively.

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      I remember the old road between Los Barrios and Jerez (A381) winding through the hills with lorries overturning at every bend ! But now it is sheer bliss and toll free! From Medina Sidonia to Gibraltar the road is just perfect.
      But what about the wind? A large new wind farm is being constructed just to the north of Medina next to Paterna.
      The Ayamonte to Matalascanas coast line of the Costa de la Luz has a different wind climate to the Cádiz end. 🙄

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