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    From the Daily Express of the 30 April.
    I simply cannot let Mark Stucklins of specialist newsletter Spanish Property Insight comment ‘Don’t buy in the deserts of Murcia’ comment without reply! Murcia is the ‘Cornwall’ of Spain. Totally unspoilt, unlike the Costas, Balearics and Canaries or Barcelona,” that Mr. Stucklins is obviously trying to flog. I am shocked that the Express can let a comment like that slip into an obvious advert for his company. Shame on you and perhaps Mr. Stucklins need to visit Murcia before commentating further.

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    I have been to Murcia many times. It has some nice areas, but I wouldn’t describe it as Cornwall nor totally unspoilt.

    It was a brief interview plagued by technical problems and I don’t remember saying don’t buy in Murcia. I think there might have been a mixup. That said, there are definitely some areas in Murcia I would avoid, but that wasn’t the point I wanted to make. My point was it’s the bottom of the cycle and a good time to buy in price times, but don’t expect a fast recovery.

    It was not an advert, and it’s far fetched to think I’m trying to sell everywhere but Murcia.

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