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      Hi everyone,

      Having posted here when we were having issues regarding our off-plan property purchase, I thought I would end on a positive note for those new to the forum!

      In 2003 we put our deposit on a 2 bed apartment 10km inland from Altea in a tiny little hamlet most people had never heard of……that is until last year when the Mayor was shot but that’s another story.

      We had problems with the disappearing promised swimming pool…never got one, and others regarding water supply and electricity pylon which Ibedrola didn’t seem to want to install. Then the build got slower and the completion dates came and went. We were ready to try and pull out but took our solicitor’s advice (recommended here) and were patient.

      April 2006 saw us complete, still annoyed about lack of a pool and worried that the road in front would stay a building site for years. The apartment development is only 67 in total over two buildings and the finish is probably only average but we love it!

      The road is done, the “swimming pool” is now a garden area with kids play area but last we heard is that the Ayuntamiento may build a pool at the back of the village for all to use (maybe).

      Last February we resigned from our jobs, took a summer job as “mature couriers” for a british camping holiday company in France and came back to Xirles in September to spend the winter.

      Most of our neighbours are Spanish, the hamlet is Spanish, the scenery is orange groves, mountains and sea in the distance, the weather has been lovely and we are very happy with our apartment, neighbours and lifestyle.

      On reflection:

      Would we buy off-plan again? Definately not, as it was fraught with problems at the time and I think we were lucky all turned out well.

      Would we rent first? Probably, although we did not buy as investors/speculators, if we had found this not to be right for us, we would have a big issue selling in the current market.

      What would I advice prospective purchasers?

      Read the forum regularly, don’t rush into anything, research as much as you can, be ultra cautious regarding agents, developers, council officials etc, learn some Spanish and be very aware of “land grab” issues amongst others. If you still want to buy get an independant lawyer before you agree to sign anything/hand over any hard earned cash!
      Be very sure before you sell up in the UK, you may want/need to go back.

      Hope this happy ending redresses the balance a little, Spain can be a great place to be……but not for everyone.

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      Hi Xirles 🙂
      Great to hear a good story for a change and think you have found the answer to the problems we have in each of our areas.


      Frank 8)

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      xirles– thats good news i also bought -plan property on la torre ( polaris world ) and i love it ,if i had my time again i also would not buy off-plan again , you are right spain is a good place to live i will be living the dresm this july when i move out .,good luck.

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      Hi Xirles,
      It is ever so nice to see that some people are happy with their purchases in Spain!!
      I know Xirles well and have sold a few resales up there to Spanish buyers. It is a beatiful location that is for sure.
      All the best

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      Great to hear a positive story on here – sometimes I wonder if forums such as this one are only found by fraught owners who have had a bad experience… (I guess the buyers who didnt experience any hiccups are sat sipping sangria by the pool)


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