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      The Mayor of Polop (Alicante) was shot 3 times in the head at close range yesterday, now in intensive care fighting for his life. Two Brits have been arrested after threatening the mayor in a property-related dispute, I think over land boundaries. It will be interesting to see how this case unfolds.


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      Mark: It does not surprise me. The decent citizens take the legal route only to be frustrated by the bigger net work.

      I cannot condone the action but can very well understand. I have sympathy for the Mayor family but not for the him/her.

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      That reminds me, I’ve got to go 10 pin bowling later.

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      Haven’t read of the current situation of the Mayor of Polop, but BBC News 24 has just shown footage of the demolitions on the outskirts of Madrid. Some of these people say they paid for the land they are living on 5 years ago & are working legally in the construction industry:


      Obviously each situation is different, but clearly more people are getting more angry & more desperate; it’s good this is being broadcast to raise awareness of the problems many thousands are facing.

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      ‘Mayor of Polop still serious but now stable after shooting.
      The Alicante edition of La Verdad newspaper reported on Monday that the Mayor’s office at the Town Hall has been searched by officers, and some documentation was removed.

      The paper says one of the lines of investigation is studying the possibility of a revenge attack for land expropriation in a project to build a new road to the South of the town centre from Xirles. A British couple who allegedly made threats against the Mayor some days ago in relation to a compulsory purchase of their land were released after questioning.

      La Verdad mentions the possibility that the shooting was carried out by hit men, and that two weapons may have been used to throw investigators off the track.’

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      Sorry to harp on about this case, but it is fascinating:

      ‘Polop Mayor under 24 hour police guard, as advances are announced in the investigation’



      ‘Elche estate agent shot by disgruntled client

      The agent is now recovering from surgery to remove shotgun pellets from his leg

      The manager of an Elche real estate agency is said to be recovering well after surgery on Tuesday to remove shotgun pellets from his leg. He was shot in his office on Calle Diagonal at around 8 o’clock on Tuesday by a man who, according to EFE, had previously threatened him over a property sale.

      The suspect was caught and disarmed by local police shortly after the shooting, and is now in custody.

      EFE says the threat allegations were due to be heard in court this week, and mentions a family member of the injured man saying the disagreement was over the payment of a 50 euro electricity bill.’


      People are beginning to get unhinged 😯

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