Pensioners’ pain in Spain (Times Online article)

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      Hi all

      Here I am again with the bad news 😈

      Last friday 2 November a new article about the scandals and abuses in the spanish property market that are hitting british.

      The article talks about the new plans of the goverment to demolish properties built in illegal places.

      It is worth mentioning the web page of the AUAN association created to try to stop this scandals in the Almanzora Valley (my mother was born there):

      About the plans to demolish properties I am sure that the fact that the british dont vote in spanish elections make them more vulnerable to this type of actions. Politics are very predicible!

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      i think this has been discussed in another thread, and the general opinion was that demolition would never happen due to all the legal implications.

      Who really knows in Spain though?, can anything suprise us anymore?

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