Overblown Tarifa Market Article

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    Having read the article in the latest Sunday Times about Tarifa, it would not make me want to rush to buy in such a windy, overpriced, young thing part of Spain. Maybe it should be called the New ‘Costa Too Much’.

    There were four examples of property for sale listed alongside the article, three of which were the usual bland, characterless, dense urban yet expensive property that can be found all over the Spanish Costas, and the remaining property, a typical unexceptional country house that too was well over-priced.

    The article gives the impression that the ‘horse has bolted’ so to speak in and around Tarifa.

    Let’s have some more articles please on value for money areas of Spain with character too, sorry.


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    What about the post a while back on Disney talking to Manilva Council? This sort of talk only fuels agents to sell with false promises. The Times should be a little more careful what it prints. Just goes to show, dont believe everything you read!!!

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    But we like most of their articles Joe, especially the ones that expose the awful agent and their sidekicks!

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    I went to see that place in el cuarton 3 years ago…
    It seems the whole of el cuarton is up for sale.
    & the one thing that you notice around that area is that everybody has huge attack dogs -possible security problem???

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