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    Following an inspection trip with Parador Properties in 2004, we bought off-plan a townhouse in Calig – one of a development of 22 properties sharing a communual pool and garden zone. We moved in in March 2006, but our “pool and garden area” as set out in our Escritura remain under a pile of builders’ rubbish. Last summer, to add insult to injury, there was an ancient lavatory stuck on the top of the heap – a very nice sight to greet my guests who had been told how beautiful the area was. Parador make all the right noises when we contact them, as do the solicitors who handled the purchase for us (we were foolish enough to use the solicitors recommended by Parador – a company in Vinaros), but we do not get anywhere. Now we hear that the developer is planning to put houses on our garden area. We have reached the conclusion that the developer is a crook (trades under the name of Trebsig – doing a lot of development in the area), Parador are not the honest, reliable company they market themselves as being, and the solicitor really does not seem to be doing much to help us. Has anyone else experienced such problems? If so, have you any tips on how we might resolve this totally unsatisfactory situation?

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    Do you have ways to proove that you were offered the communal areas? Are they described on the title deed? Do you have, at least, a brochure showing them, or a contract, or a plan? Any of these should be enough to either reverse the sale, sue them for compensation or even for fraud, or perhaps force them to develop what they promised.

    NEVER believe what you are told by your solicitors if they were recommended by the agents. Many stories confirm this is not something to do.

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    Thank you for your reply. We have all the things you mention – a plan with the initial contract showing the pool, and on our title deeds it specifies a garden area of specific dimensions with a pool on it. We need to find ourselves a reputable, english speaking lawyer in the area (Costa del Azahar) if, as you seem to think, we have grounds to sue them. We are still getting nowhere.

    Marion C. ūüė•

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