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      Hi Everyone,

      I’ve finally bought a place in Asturias, and I just checked the ‘Nota Simple Informativa’ with the ‘Registro De La Propiedad’ in Llanes – just to make sure that the property had been registered in our names – which looks all OK.

      Before buying, I checked the ‘Registro’ which declared it free of charges and the Notaria checked as part of the Escritura, which also showed up free of charges.

      However, I notice on our new ‘Nota Simple Informativa’ a clause that says …….

      “CARGAS: Sujetas cuatro sextas partes indivisas de una cuarta parte indivisa a las limitaciones del artículo 207 de la Ley Hipotecaria y pendiente de la publicación del edicto.

      Sin más cargas, hasta las nueve horas del día de la fecha.”

      Is this a standard clause ? Is it something I should worry about ? Could this clause hide some undiscovered problems ?

      By the way, I do not have a motgage on the property.

      Many thanks in advance for your help.


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      Art 207 of Mortage Act prevents the registration made according to provisions 205 and 206 of the Act for being publicly effective during two years after the registration. So ,in your case, that portion of the plot is not protected by the Principle of Registral Publidc for two years after the date of registration.
      A problem may arise if someone claim property rights over that portion. You will nothave the protection of the Registry for these two years and would have to deffend your property rights on that portion based on the evidences of ownership you have.

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      Hi Maria,

      Many thanks for the quick reply !!!

      I’ll just have to sit back and see if anything happens.


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