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    i know i’m probably gonna ripped a new one for posting this on here, but hey ho. have you heard about this Norovirus sweeping the UK aparantly causes severe vommitting and diahorria, do you think that the Spanish property market is suffering something similar ha ha

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    Tilly 🙂
    Have just recovered from this and if its in that much trouble then get them bog rolls stashed 😥 :

    Frank 8)

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    Me too Frank!

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    hi Claire and Frank,
    sorry to hear that you ve been struck by this awful bug ( i’m just getting over really bad flu and kept thinking it could be worse………)
    can i ask, was it in the UK you suffered and does anyone know of any cases in Spain yet?
    Chilly 8)

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    can i ask, was it in the UK you suffered

    Yup, in the UK chilly. I got it a few weeks before Xmas. My husband did not get it though. My mother who was with us over Xmas, had had a pacemaker fitted 10 days earlier. She was hit with it Xmas day evening. We had to have the paramedic out + 2 ambulances arrived as she had a seizure type reaction. (We had a GREAT Xmas!!)) The paramedic said it was Norovirus. Again, no other family member contracted it. Mind you, I’m a demon with “Bug Spray” (from Waitrose) My daughter was recommended to take it into hospital with her when she had her baby…last Xmas!!. We washed everything in sight with it.

    It’s not just the UK though. A friend of my daughter went to South Africa to visit her family over Christmas. She was ill, her 1 year old, sister, mother ,father and husband all went down with it.

    My husband was the only one in our household who did not get the flu like virus over Xmas too . My daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter (1 year old) and myself were all very poorly over Xmas and all taking antibiotics. It was a very abstemious Xmas! 🙁

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    Myself and my partner have both had the flu bug but i ve not heard of any of my friends who ve had the N virus,( i know of a lot of people who need it as they are really full of cr4p) 👿

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    There has been a flu type virus doing the rounds here on the CDS. Chest infections, stomach and aching limbs. Everywhere you go people have this awful cough. We were all feeling grotty over Christmas, no appetite etc. Same problems here too…not enough hospital beds, people having to sleep in urgencias etc.

    I am off to warmer climes soon…best tonic 8)

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    I am off to warmer climes soon…best tonic

    Have a great time Katy. We’ll miss you. 🙁

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    Hi Katy,
    That sounds like what i had/have, still can t sleep because i m awake all night coughing.

    i was embarrassed, the other day when i checked in on here after a few months, my location reads ” cardiff, heading for the costas soon” ha that was 18 months ago. i ve actually moved from cardiff but to the Costa del Tyne!
    i m not sure how long i will be here but it is my intention to make 2008 the year i move to Spain. the goalposts have moved but i fully intent to do it.

    wish me luck 8)

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