No sign of a slowdown in construction here!

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    Who on earth buys this cr@p? It’s quite unbelievable, anyway – enjoy.

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    Very good one!!


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    It looks a complete mess, I really fell for it and thought it was Palestine or Iraq, a bit like most of the Costas, anyone buying in these areas is never going to recover their money even if they tried, competing with 1000´s of jerry built lookalikes. 😉

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    Seeing that it is typical how developers not only build ugly blocks and ruin the scenery, they ruin the environment around too. I have seen it happen here on the CDS. They move out and leave piles of rubble everywhere, broken manhole covers that belong to other urbanisations (who then have to pay). I reported one for dumping unused cement in the river. The Authorities do nada 😈

    There is one development near Estepona which I think must qualify for the worst/ugliest development in Spain. In the middle of nowhere and overlooking the toll road. If I could stop there I would take a photo. Not suprisingly it seems almost empty.

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