New Estepona Football Village

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      ‘New British football development for Estepona – The Village

      Estepona wants to become the new centre for British football with several first division clubs now reported to be interested in the idea of creating a new exclusive development in the town.

      Among the teams being linked to the project are Aston Villa, Bolton Wanderers, Newcastle United, West Ham United and Celtic.

      ‘The Village’ will have 1,100 homes, an 18 hole golf course, four tennis courts, 8 paddle tennis courts, a 5 star hotel, and three football pitches and is expected to be completed in 2009.

      The homes will be in 25 flat blocks and are on sale at prices between 210,000 and 300,000 €.

      The project is being coordinated by the England goalie, Paul Robinson, who says the idea is that the centre will be where young British players will be able to train.

      Some 60 of the homes are reported to be sold already, many to footballers such as Michael Brown, the capital of Fulham.
      The whole project will be officially launched in May.

      One of the Partners for ‘The Village’ is who they call their ‘Independent Lawyer’ – who receives all non-refundable deposits put down on an off-plan purchase 😆 They also state that non-status mortgages are available to pay the balance – no worries there then 😯

      I wondered whether Peterborough United were involved in this (you know who I mean :?:) but couldn’t see a connection.
      Thought ’25 flat blocks’ read flat packs when I first read the quote ❗ Might be better off battling with one of those.

      I wouldn’t go near this with a barge-pole & doubt whether the residents of Estepona are very happy about it ❗

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      There goes the nice little marina. 🙁

      Chavtastic 🙄

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      If its the same one as I know about its been on the market for at leasy a year now. The `footballers`who have bought ill never go there and will rent the units out!

      Assuming they are legal of course!!! 😆

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      Is this the final nail in the CDS property market coffin. Just when we thought that the football hooligans were going to Bulgaria etc.

      I think I should send the Rangers fans there, maybe a little bit of blood bath will make the developers realise. I feel sorry for people who had bought in the vicinty.

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      Acording to the daily mail property section some footballer is buying in every new development all over the world, of course, I believe it, the media never tells porkies 🙄

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      Hear my team Torquay United may in in the running.
      The first team./+reserves and the directors are trying to get the 30%deposit together to put down on an apartment.

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      One footballer can be tolerated. Not the whole football leauge and the
      Directors of Torquay united.

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      @Inez wrote:

      ….Assuming they are legal of course!!! 😆

      That’s what’s really worrying about ‘The Village’. The appointed lawyer who their website says ‘holds the deposits,’ is also a PARTNER of The Village – so who will be telling the buyers of planning irregularities or any problems with the place ❓ Seems surprising to me that these lawyers are allowed to be in this position. How can they be working for their clients’ interests ONLY ❓

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      Torquay United? 😯

      They’ve got much better things they need to spend their dosh on – like a whole new squad of players to keep them in the 2nd Division – otherwise the Conference (non-league) beckons come the end of May…


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      Rumour has is that if they sold the whole squad it would ad up to about the 30% deposit and this would make a lovely holiday home when they are on the dole

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