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      Ian W

      We have NEI numbers in the deeds to our property but not a certificate. How do we get them?

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      Mark Stücklin

      Hi Ian,

      Are you EU citizens resident in Spain? In which case you need to request what is called a “Certificado de registro de ciudadano de la Unión” or Registry certificate for EU citizens.

      It looks like this:

      All the information you need to request this certificate is here (in Spanish, I’m afraid).

      This certificate is only for EU citizens resident in Spain.

      If you are not resident in Spain, then I think you only need the original letter you were sent with your NIE, which looks like this:

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      Simon Sutton George

      Hi Ian,

      Although what Mark says above is 100% correct, I wonder if the answer to your question would be better to start by asking you a question.

      Who did the paperwork for the purchase of your property? A lawyer/gestor or an estate agent? (I’m not going to start getting all flustered about which is the right way to do it…not on this post anyway…lol)

      Once you’ve got that answer, I think you should ask them if they gave you the certificate on completion of your purchase.

      The thing is, if you left someone a power of attorney to obtain your NIE and complete the purchase for you while you were in your home country, the original NIE might well still be in a folder in their office.

      Worst case scenario – you can get a copy from the National Police.

      Good luck.

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      Chris Nation

      Hello Mark

      I don’t think I’m the first to comment on the order of the posts on discussions. Logically and most conveniently, the question or issue raised in the discussion comes first. Replies follow in chrono order until the latest is posted, at the bottom of the column.

      That way, a question or topic can be read and the reader can decide whether it is of interest. Matters re NIE interest me but, scrolling down to the original question, I saw that this issue was not relevant.

      Can you reverse the order of posts?

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        Mark Stücklin

        Hi Chris, you are right, it’s better for most to organise from oldest to newest. I’ll try and get that sorted out. In the meantime I’ve changed it so that the first post is always at the top, but then the rest of the thread is sorted from newest to oldest.

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