More Marbella arrests

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    another phase of arrests in Marbella this week including constructors and even the Manager of Cajamar Bank in Marbella. a summary of the story is in

    Also many construction sites in Tolox have been ordered to stop work. The majority reserved by Brits 🙄

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    This whole rotten, sordid mess must be worth a book.

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    “Apart from González de Caldas six other businessmen with interests in construction in the Marbella area also formed part of the third Malaya round-up……

    …..Giovanni Montaldo represented Apex 2000, a division of Iberdrola that has built with illegal licences;

    It is Apex 2000 that ‘obtained’ many of the building licences from Mayor Gil for the Elviria/Santa Maria Golf area.

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    Welcome back Charlie 😀


    Finally there is some light on the horizon for the innocent property owners. This is known in Spain as the principle of registered public faith.
    Some legal experts consider that this principle establishes that the person who purchases a home believing the data on it in the local registry, must be allowed to keep ownership.
    The Andalucian Supreme Court of Justice has also confirmed that it will take statements from the owners of the threatened buildings before deciding on future demolitions. … 7467.shtml

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    More Info in Diario sur … 61118.html

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    “The Italian who has been arrested in the latest stage of the case, Giovanni Piero Montaldo, was also investigated on
    money laundering charges linked to the Mafia back in Málaga in 2002 according to the La Opinion de Málaga newspaper.
    He was allegedly linked then to the trafficking of cocaine from South American to Europe”.

    Claire – did you read this?? – this is the man who obtained our building licence!!

    Dorothy – thank you 😀

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    It makes me so angry reading this. 😈 Why is it so difficult( & expensive) for us to get justice when these known “criminals” are involved in all of this corruption? It beggars belief! 😈

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    British financier linked to operation Malaya ❓

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