Monarch Airlines criticised by CIT Marbella

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      Monarch has published an ad’ that warns Brits of fraud in the Spanish property markey and not to allow themselves to be “robbed” by corrupt Agents, their lawyers and Spanish officials.. The ad’ offers services of a British Co. to legalise their property etc.

      CIT (centre for tourist initiatives, Marbella) says they are deeply concerned by the ad’ and have asked the Gov. and the junta to act against these sort of ads.

      (rapid translation) 🙂

      Comment from Spaniard below article

      “Why should they (CIT) be indignant! In a country where they apply the ley de costas retrospectively and declare constructions illegal the were previously legal. In a country where promotors and developers have ruined foreigners and have been reported to the EU. In a country where Andalucia has changed the ley de suelos 3 times in 10 years so no-one knows what is legal and what isn’t.

      In some regions they sell to foreigners and then cut off the water/access. I could go on but everyone in the UK knows about it.
      El dorado has turned into Helldorado.

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      Good for Monarch. If the (centre for tourist initiatives, Marbella) are so concerned they should get to the root of the problem & not some one who is highlighting a situation which is unheard of in any Country in the world & certainly not a member of EU.

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