Met Office Predicts Wet Summers For The Next 10 Years

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    Met office really putting their reputation on the line with a risky forecast ūüėÜ What about the last 10 years?

    Mind you, there is not much sign of summer in this part of Spain.

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    That is a big plus for Canaries ! But high pressure is approaching UK with settled conditions coming. There are many theories about this but the most likely is simply oscillations and in particular of the received strength of the sun. It is amazing how cheap it still is to get to the almost constant sunshine of the Canaries -but maybe not forever. To travel from Las Palmas to Agadir Marakesh by Binter Canarias Airline -this short distance costs 200 euros return and it costs the same to Funchal -in fact possibly cheaper to fly back to UK and out again by a British operator Yet you can fly by Ryanair to Las Palmas often for only £66 the full 2000 miles. It may mean more tourists but will it mean more buyers though until the Spanish get their act together and make themselves tax civilised-possibly more Spanish buyers?

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    I was told it reached 35C in Madrid earlier this week!
    Not so hot here in London, but tbh when we get 20+ it’s very pleasant. Hopefully we’re not going to get a washout summer like last year – with a bit of luck this Met Office forecast is a pile of Pooh Bear.

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    The Met Office just looks out of the window. Their forecasting is rubbish. A couple of years ago they spent ¬£30million on a new computer system but they said it wouldn’t improve the accuracy of their forecasts. Errr?

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