MEP report on Albox blames Town hall & developers

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    It seems MEP Michael Cashman’s visit recently to investigate planning complaints from residents in Albox may bear fruit.
    This EU-commissioned report concludes there was a “tacit agreement” for illegal construction in Albox.
    Does this mean there could be hope for other areas if demolitions are prevented from happening here?

    “The European Parliament’s fact-finding mission to Almería at the end of February has concluded that a ‘tacit agreement’ between the Town Hall and builders allowed the construction of several hundred illegal homes in Albox, most of which were later bought by British nationals: some 2,000 houses in the Almanzora Valley now face possible demolition.

    The delegation from the Petitions Committee, led by its President, Marcin Libicki, and his Deputy, Michael Cashman MEP, was in Spain to investigate planning complaints placed by residents associations in Madrid, Valencia and Andalucía. The report on the Almería part of the visit concludes that residents of the houses now identified as illegal did not receive proper advice from either the local authority, surveyors or from local lawyers. It points out that the Mayor of Albox is under investigation on the matter.

    The Petitions Committee was reportedly debating the report on Wednesday”.

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    If this EU Petitions Committee is laying the blame on the local authority, the surveyors, lawyers etc. – and therefore concluding the purchasers are innocent, does this not make it impossible for any demolition plans to go ahead?
    Wouldn’t this EU report give weight to any application to the EU Court of Human Rights by demolition-threatened buyers?

    If so, and as the same criteria should apply everywhere, surely this could be very good news for purchasers in similiar dire circumstances all over Spain?
    The ingredients are the same…..corrupt mayor, Town hall officials, developers, etc. It should be they who are punished, not the purchasers being the ones to suffer with demolition.

    We’ll see soon if this EU report has any teeth.

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    Yes, it will be interesting to see if anything actually comes of this report. Do the European parliament have any power in this respect?

    As someone who has been affected by this sort of town hall corruption, I await with interest. Unfortunately where we live the town hall are still telling people to go ahead and build, as long as its finished before the end of the year when the new PGOU plan will be finalised!! Yes, building is still going ahead.

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    @arabrab wrote:

    Do the European parliament have any power in this respect?

    I think the main strength will come from this EU-commissioned report possibly influencing judgement if residents took their case to the European Court of Human Rights.
    The report clearly lays all blame for the illegal builds on local corruption, so any appeal by the ‘innocent parties’ against demolition should be listened to.
    I would have thought 🙄 ….or am I being too optimistic here?

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    Court orders demolition of a house in Albox declared as illegal
    Jun 24, 2007

    ‘Owned by a British resident, it was built under a municipal licence granted on land which is classified as unsuitable for development

    The Almería newspaper, Ideal, reports that an administrative court in Almería City has ordered Albox Town Hall to carry out a previous court ruling to demolish a house built on land in La Noria which is classified as unsuitable for development. The Andalucía High Court of Justice, the TSJA, previously ruled that the municipal licence granted to the property, was in fact granted illegally.

    The paper says the property is owned by a British national they name with the initials of L.J.

    The Town Hall had pleaded that they hoped to work together with the complainant in the case, the Junta de Andalucía, on finding a solution to the situation under the town’s local development plan. They have, however, now been given a maximum period of one month to carry out the order.’
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    What worries me is that if local corruption is to blame as the MEP report suggests (I am guessing that it does not just mean the Town Hall but any individual or institution that has a vested interest in the area), how will we who have illegal or semi-illegal houses in and around Albox, ever get justice locally against what seems to be an all pervading problem? How is it possible to trust again when we feel that we have been failed by professionals, legal, financial property-related, in the first place?

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