Mayor of Benidorm in a tizz with ITV

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      Lots in the Spanish press about the mayor of Benidorm getting in a tizz about a programme, on ITV tonight, that looks at crime in Spain. It’s called Expats under Attack, tonight at 8pm on ITV1.

      Programme preamble says: How Britons who have relocated to rural Spain in search of a quiet life have been targeted by Eastern European gangs. Expats who have been affected discuss how the crooks will go to great lengths to get their hands on their domestic items and personal possessions.


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      Is Benidorm in Rural Spain?? Have ITV got it wrong even before the programme starts??

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      I may be known as mrs negative on here but I have to say this programme was a load of tosh! They seemed to imply that Brits living here are living in fear of crime. Have to say that I feel safer here than the UK. I have lived in a semi-rural area for 8 years and myself and my neighbours are not aware of crime at this level. Makes sense to be aware in any tourist area anywhere in the world but this programme is crazy!

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      Not negative Katy
      Simply it was a load of rubbish after all the knife and gun crimes in the U.K at the moment I know where I would rather be.
      Just another one sided waste of time and money.

      Frank 8)

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