Marbella Town Hall & Junta deserve a Hallelujah!

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      According to Sur in English, it looks like the Town Hall and the Junta de Andalucia are backing down on the subject of owners having to pay (the developers’) compensation on illegal builds.
      The Mayor now admits: “Residents should not have to pay for the bad management of others”. Hallelujah!

      Following the avalanche of complaints and the demonstration both the Town Hall and the Junta de Andalucía admitted separately that the compensation system would have to be revised to avoid property owners having to pay for the irregular actions of developers. The director of the Junta’s Planning Office in Marbella, José María Ruiz Povedano, suggested that legal procedures would have to be found to force developers to fulfil their obligations. Meanwhile the Mayor, ángeles Muñoz, went even further and announced that an alternative solution to the one proposed by the PGOU would have to be found. “Residents should not have to pay for the bad management of others”, she added.

      As it’s the weekend, if anyone wants to have a little sing-along with Leonard Cohen to celebrate this tichy bit of Spanish commonsense, click below.
      Wait for the chorus, sing your heart out…..and think of Marbella Town Hall. Seems they’ve finally seen the light – Hallelujah 🙄

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      If only they had said, “People shouldn’t be made to buy properties that we deem illegal by revoking the building licences after one of our ex Mayors took bribes and do not conform to what they were sold by the REA’s. They should not have to go to Court to claim their deposits back.”

      Now that would be worthy of a HALLELUJAH!!!!

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