Marbella Judge Suspended on Bribary Charges

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      Francisco Javier Urquía has been heading the Hidalgo money laundering case in Marbella

      A Marbella judge has been provisionally suspended from duty on charges of alleged perversion of the course of justice and bribery.

      The decision has been made by the General Council for Judicial Power, CGPJ, the body which oversees the judiciary, and comes after the Andalucian High Court of Justice opened penal proceedings against the judge, Francisco Javier Urquía.

      The alleged crimes have been unearthed by the judge who is currently instructing the large Malaya corruption case in Marbella, Miguel Ángel Torres.

      El Mundo reports that Urquía could be linked to the monies paid from people close to Juan Antonio Roca, the ex Municipal Real Estate Assessor in Marbella, who is at the centre of the Malaya case.

      Judge Francisco Javier Urquía has been directing the Hidalgo operation in the town in which 23 people have been arrested on money laundering charges, linked to the Marbella lawyers, Cruz Conde and claims of some 800 ghost companies.

      The Anti-Corruption prosecutor has found connections to eight criminal organisations in the case.

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      Finally! Have been waiting for a judge to pop up and join the list of accused corrupt mayors, Town Hall officials etc.
      Bet he’s pleased that the government has shelved plans to increase prison sentences to anyone found guilty of crimes related to property scams.

      Let’s hope this will put all judges ‘on best behaviour’ so some real justice is given out in court instead of some of the shams going on at the moment.
      I have not heard of the CGPJ before – is this a body worth looking into in cases where justice is not seen to be served? Would be interested to hear from anyone who has information on this.

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      ‘The General Council of the Judicial Power is the independent Government body responsible for the judicial power and has jurisdiction over the whole country. It is, however, the Government body responsible for all the courts which make up the Judicial Power. Subordinate to it are the Government Chambers of the Supreme Court, the National High Court (Audiencia Nacional), the High Courts of Justice, and the other jurisdictional bodies with government attributions in their respective areas (Presidents of the Courts, senior judges, committees of judges, and judges).

      However, despite being the Government’s body of the Judicial Power, the Council is not a jurisdictional body, nor is it part of one. It does not take part in the judicial function.’
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      Judge Francisco’s Urquía is married and has a baby daughter, he is (was?) seen most nights in Marbella’s upscale bars and clubs….His colleagues fear that his very social night life may have led him into temptation. Police investigating the Malaya case saw him being warmly embraced by one of the suspects

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      …….wow, this is more like it, if any more proof was needed that the rot starts at the top, this ought to be it. Hope this case gets maximum exposure!

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