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    ‘Despite very strong criticism from Brussels over the way the LUV is applied, Valencia seems intent on allowing developers and councils to continue using the law as an umbrella to deprive people of land and property that they legally hold.’

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    Hi Tilly
    What a disgrace this LUV is.
    Katy highlighted this subject on another thread in the Summer when the results of a EU fact-findng mission were issued in a report. To read the opening statement of this report (below) shows Spain’s obvious total disregard for anything the EU may decree. Maybe going the ‘Human Rights’ route is the only way to deal with this country…..and not just on the Land Grab issue.

    Petitions – 21-06-2007
    In adopting a resolution on the results of the fact-finding mission to Andalucia, Valencia and Madrid, MEPs consider that the obligation to cede legitimately acquired private property without due process and proper compensation, linked to the obligation to pay arbitrary costs for often unnecessary infrastructure development is a violation of an individual’s fundamental rights as determined by the European Convention and jurisprudence on Human Rights and as contained in the EU Treaty.

    For anyone interested, Mark posted the full report:

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