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      After a few weeks of thinking about buying we would prefer to rent first, as someone mentioned also in the “buying resale as opposed to new” thread. Considering the state of the market and the fact that buying involves enourmous amount of costs, it would be difficult to make that kind of money back if we decide that we do not like spain.

      I tried looking around on the internet the last few days for a long term (1 year or more) rent property on the costa blanca. There seems to be few available, or i am not finding the sites that have this kind of property. As we do not want to rent an appartment it makes it even more difficult.

      Maybe someone here knows where we have to look for a villa for long term rent. Maximum monthly rent would be 2.000 euro. While we are at the subject a side question :
      – Is renting in spain inclusive or exclusive utilities (Here in germany that’s called “warm” or “cold” rent)

      Thanks !

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