Live in Barcelona, work in London

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    London rents are so high it is now cheaper to live in BARCELONA and commute in (and here’s how…)

    It’s a bit silly but anyway…..

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    More than a bit silly. It’s not as if Stanstead is actually in London. 😉


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    You are both right of course, it is silly, the only way this could easily be done if the commute was to London City airport for £29, probably impossible 🙄

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    I doubt this is true. if we pick at details, the 10-trip transportation pass (T-10) in Barcelona is 9.80 €, meaning each journey is .98€.

    Anyone who travels a lot knows that you can hop a free shuttle (until the new rail line is complete) to the train at the old airport, which takes you the the Sants station using 1 trip on the 10-trip pass. So the round trip is less than 2.00 €. In the article, he allocated £5 for the trip, which isn’t enough for a taxi to airport, and is more than the 2.00 € needed for a round trip on public transport to the airport.

    But who in their right mind would want to fly Ryanair, or any other airline, every day?

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    @garysfbcn wrote:

    But who in their right mind would want to fly Ryanair, or any other airline, every day?

    To be fair, its probably no better or worse than spending two hours on a busy commuter train. I have a friend who commutes from Preston to London daily for his work, 2 hours 20 minutes each way on the train. Personally I wouldn’t even think about a commute like that, but for some people its worthwhile. London salaries and Lancashire living costs equals big lovely house, nice cars (weekend toy), and lots of disposable income.

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