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    Hi All,

    I understand that Spain has something similar to the UK, where they have a register of buildings that have cultural, architectural or historical significance.

    Who administers this register – is it centrally, by autonoma, by consejo or by local town hall ?

    I have a property in Asturias that apparently is on the register, and I wondered how I could find out the details of its registration.

    Many thanks,

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    I think I’ve found the part of the answer on the Asturian Government website, and it says ………

    “Los Ayuntamientos tienen la obligación de incluir los bienes inmuebles que, por su interés cultural, merezcan ser objeto de conservación y defensa en catálogos elaborados de acuerdo con la legislación urbanística. Estos bienes, además, aparecerán diferenciados de los que se recojan en los catálogos urbanísticos por razones distintas de su interés cultural.”

    So it looks like the local town hall gets to say what it included on the register – I guess I’ll start by asking at the town hall.

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