Licence to rent our your property to tourists in Mallorca

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      There are new regulations coming into force in Mallorca governing the rental of private properties to tourists on a short-term, commercial basis.

      I haven’t done exhaustive research into the question, but what I have done gives me the strong impression that there is plenty of confusion surrounding it.

      Having just spoken to the dept. of tourism in Palma, they tell me that you have until this Friday 29 September to submit your application for a tourist rental licence. There is a form to fill out, and some documents such as your escritura and a certificate from an architect need to be presented. This licence can only be requested for detached properties. The lady I spoke to says it is and will remain illegal to rent out apartments in Mallorca on a short-term, commercial basis to tourists.

      But just the other day I read in the Majorca Daily Bulletin that “85% of tourist flats on the island have not presented the paperwork needed for their official recognition as holiday accommodation, sources at the tourism ministry said”. The article goes onto explain that under a decree passed in Feb this year, holiday let accommodation must have a certificate accrediting quality to continue operating as tourist accommodation. A spokesman for the Balearic Govt’s Ministry of Tourism is quoted as saying: “the firm or holiday flat owner who has not handed in the paperwork will lose the category of holiday let flat, and will automatically become residential accommodation. As a result, it cannot be marketed as tourist accommodation, as it cannot combine a double use.”

      The article makes it clear that licences can be obtained for renting apartments on a short-term, commercial basis, something the lady I spoke to at the dept of tourism in Palma just a few minutes ago flatly denies.

      Can anyone shed any light on this?


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      Hi Mark-have been trying to understand this one for a while.Saw some information that even suggests that it is prohibitive to allow the use of apartments for friends and family.Majority of people I know are blissfully unaware of any legislation believing that if they are paying UK taxes on their income they should be Ok.Surely if this law is enforced (how will it be?) without reassonableness then a sharp decline on visitors to the island will prevail.
      The cost implication for obtaining a licence is also out of proportion circa 1500 euros I believe and smacks of profiteering.
      Like you I would be pleased for any light shedding information

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      Does this apply to Spain in general or just Mallorca. Anyone know?

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      Just Mallorca so far. Spain hasnt any official regulations apart from tax implications.

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