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      In April I asked some questions on this site regarding a piece of land I own on Lanzarote. I got very good help, and managed to get all legal matters regarding my land correct. Thanks for that!

      I now know lots more about my land (quite big but currently without possibility for planning permission). I am trying to see what I can do to enhance the value of the property, e.g try to apply for change in permission. I think the value of the property is low since I basically the only thing I can do on it is to use it as agricultural land.

      However, my question from April still stands: Does anyone know how the property market is doing in Playa Blanca? There has for long time been talks about golf and a new big development. Any news there?

      Also, it seems like there is work (I got this from the site on a new town plan. Anyone know what changes there will be in that?

      My hope is that my land sooner or later will be in the vivinity of developed land. It is still far away, but at least last year there were plans for some big projects.


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      Hi Frobozz,
      If you have managed to get all the legal stuff sorted out, then I would suggest going back to your lawyer and asking him to help you apply for permission for change of use.
      Unfortunately, there is no way of saying if this will be possible or not as many things have to be taken into consideration.
      Your lawyer should be your first stop.
      And, if you want to PM me, I will let you know which lawyers I use.

      As for the latest on the golf, you may want to have a look at this from a local, island forum.


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