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      I have a building project about to commence and the main contractors labor rates are:

      Skilled Worker (Oficial de Primera) – 23 Euros/Hr
      Laborer (Peon) – 18 Euros/Hr

      Does this sound about right or would you expect it to be cheaper / more expensive?

      Many thanks in advance,


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      I think it´s expensive but the price can vary greatly between diferente areas and of course, if they are good at their job.
      I found the following offers but are old (a year ago) and in Madrid.
      – 36 € /Hr for Skilled Worker, Assistant and Laborer (all)
      – 15 € /hr Skilled Worker, 10 €/hr Laborer

      Or also for days (8 hours): Skilled Worker, Assistant and Laborer (all) :180- 300 €/day
      There are some web pages when you can ask about it in your area in order to have a best reference
      But it´s is preferable to pay a price slightly above average if you have good references about their work

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      Five times the rate in Poland. Spain is a economic super power.

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