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      The demolition of the property in Vera is tragic and its would be impossible to understand how that poor couple must be feeling and indeed those who are also under the same threat.

      I went onto the website of Vera ayuntamiento and there is an email address at the Junta de Andalucia:
      jacg.averroes@juntadeandalucia.es which says “contact me”

      Perhaps we should all do just that and express our outrage to the regional authorities?

      It may be little help but I for one would feel I had at least tried ❓

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      Good Idea,

      I found the man himself (manuel.chaves@juntadeandalucia.es)
      from the site and did just that.

      and I quote..

      “This email is in reference to the recent house demolition of a British Couple in Vera:

      This demolition was of a property that had been given correct legal status by the local council and as a result of this a British couple that had invested their life savings in this property have now had their lives destroyed. They have done nothing wrong except to put their misguided trust in a Spanish planning system.

      I truly hope that this couple seek compensation in the European Court of Human Justice and that such action will expose the depth of corruption that exists in the Spanish planning system.

      A disgusted European”

      In Spanish of course…

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      Will do a couple of messages right now, plus a link to the Daily Mail. thanks for the info’.

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      Just sent an email. Thanks for the link.

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      I am hoping the Junta de Andalucia have shot themselves in the foot.

      1. If the Junta are demolishing properties that have legal status from the local Town Planning, judges now can’t rule that people must complete on properties that have no legal docs. (as they have been doing).

      2. Anyone wanting to buy a property in the future should demand from the Junta written confirmation that approval is given from their offices, despite what legal docs. exist from the local authorities. Let them get swamped by people who can quote this case in Vera.

      3. Thirdly and most importantly…..damn it, am having a ‘senior moment’ and forgotten it 🙁 ….back in a minute….

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      Who is going to bring the judge to account who told several people that they had to complete on their apartments that have no LFO, when their first hearing awarded them their money back. These people now have to pay a huge sum of money to take their appeal to the High Court in Madrid.
      The case in Vera is a prime example as to why nobody should complete or be made to complete without the LFO.

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      A cup of coffee and a choccy biscuit later….

      3. The Mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, must be pulling her hair out. Since being in office she has done her best to try and re-build confidence in the property sector. Now this in Vera. Whatever she says and does will now be taken with a pinch of salt as obviously it’s now proved the Junta and the Chief State Prosecutor Antonio Vercher are determined to ignore local Town Halls.

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