Jobless numbers fall

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    Seasonal maybe -but welcome news . Spanish Labour Ministry reports 100000 fall in registered unemployment in Spain in May -total registered unemployed being now 4.89 million. Attributed to recruitment in tourism.A lifeline for the young !

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    Seasonal probably Ptr but take a look at this link from The Olive Press, it says Spain has 7 regions in Europe’s list of 10 most unemployed places, even shocked me ūüėĮ … andalucia/

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    It is good news but also some of the southern mentality baffles me. There are quite a few educated Uni graduates who I know who want a certain job or nothing. They have studied X so therefore they will only work at that. They want the high wages, air-coned office, a title but seem to not accept that they might have to work their way up. I was talking to a girl who had qualified as an architect. She was working in a bookshop. I asked if she had considered working as a junior to a well know local architect and she looked at me as though i’d suggested she hand her degree back. No, she is going to work in the bookshop until she can set up her own office. ??? Why doesn’t she become a junior, learn from experience and then go out on her own?

    Is that a real Spanish mentality? Lots are going abroad to the UK, Germany, Switzerland. Is it because they can get more menial jobs but don’t get seen in their locality ‘lowering themselves’?

    There is a cousin who is very clever, articulate and personable but she has spent a year at home with her parents in the small town ‘because there isn’t a public sector job’ available for her (!!!) Why doesn’t she do some work experience, learn the realities of working in an office? I worked at 14/15 years old during school holidays at a local solicitors office. I made tea, franked the post, tidied up, took the paperwork to the court etc. I’m not now a solicitor (sadly for my bank account) but it was real lessons in work.

    I think that the mentality of many youngsters in Europe has to change. They all don’t deserve high paid luxury jobs just because they have a degree. They have to play the game of work, and that is what they have no experience in.


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    A Spaniard said on a newspaper comment that the real job gain for M√°laga province is around 260 jobs, which is better than nothing I suppose. However, he did point out that most of the jobs are temporary and some only have contracts for a few hours per day. The real picture will be Octobers figures when the tourist season has finished.

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    @itsme I agree with you that young people need to be prepared to do work experience, I graduated last year from a Hispanic Studies degree and have had to take 2 unpaid charity jobs and a management job at a market and now I’m looking for work experience in property firms.
    However I think that young people going into further education need to be given clearer information on how useless some degrees have now become e.g. most of the arts subjects. If I had known this before the degree then I would have definitely done something more vocational. its true that everyone must play the game of work as you put it, but after getting into tens of thousands of pounds worth of debt it does seem ridiculous having to spend months working for free, a year after my degree ended and i havent had one full time paid job after applying for jobs at all levels
    also it is very hard getting the low paid jobs that ‘anyone could get’ because those employers don’t want to employ overqualified graduates but would rather employ people who will stick around for a while. so you get stuck between being overqualified for these jobs but unable to get any graduate level roles. the universities need to close the gap between education and the labour market especially now that students are paying 3 times more per year than what they were before

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    Having “fields” like arts etc paid for by tax money creates problems like this. Few sane people would actually study things like this if it wasn’t for it being subsidised. Remove all tax money from the art field all together and only the really good ones would be able to make a good living off it by people actually paying the true costs for their stuff.

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    The Australian

    Guys wait a minute.

    Why should anyone work?

    To bail out your bank / politician / whatever?

    Life is short, enjoy it.

    In 2013, no one should work anymore, we should just get over the whole system which is faulty and probably in 500 years they will laugh thinking people used to work all their life.

    I know it may sound crazy but tell anyone living 1000 years ago about internet…

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    Um, to bail ourselves out….to pay the mortgage, put food on the table and be a decent member of society.

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    The Australian

    @itsme wrote:

    Um, to bail ourselves out….to pay the mortgage, put food on the table and be a decent member of society.

    Those are brainwashed stereotypes we all have been told to, since we were born.

    Now, we can see clearly that less than 1% of people in the world own more than 99% of global wealth…they do not need to work simply because they either have been lucky, inherited lots of cash or property or had tremendous success.

    But the reality is that there is more than anyone need to live properly…without the Ferrari of course.

    Unfortunately, since most people need to worry about their daily routine, what’s happening on a global scale is just getting worse each year.

    To anyone who is interested in the topic I suggest to watch the movie documentary:

    The Corporation

    You can find it free on YouTube:


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