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    we brought an off plan property called Jardin Tropical which was due to complete in decembr 2005. However we have become aware the builder is in financial difficulty and will not be able to complete the developement. The builder was Larios 2000 SL. However when our contracts were negotiated we achieved a contract that forced the company Inversiones Patirmoniales Bosquemar SL to complete first on the purchase with Larios 2000, before they sold them over to us, and therefore if the developer company can not finish the development then we would be able get a refund of the total amount that we paid over to them up to that point. However we have not heard what is happening to our refund and would like to know what would be the next step. I would also like to hear from people who have brought property on this complex.


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    I don´t fully understand your explanations. I would rather need to see the contract you signed to see what is the liability of ones and other ones.


    Maria de Castro

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    Hi Maira De Castro

    when we brought the Jardin Torpical it was negogaited thru a property buying club.Lawers on our behalf put a clause in the contract that Inversiones Patirmoniales Bosquemar SL had to purchase from the builders Larios 2000 SL first before they where sold onto us. Therefore our contracts are with Inversiones Patirmoniales Bosquemar SL and not Larios 2000. i hope this makes sense.

    what sort of things would you need to look at the contract.


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    Some comments about this development on

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    Several, but mainly:

    The design of parties of the contract

    the Object

    The contractual time period

    the mutual obligations

    And a general check of the whole document will help better and more.

    Best regards,

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