I’ve found an absolute bargin!

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      I know most people don’t trust dot.tk links (and I don’t blame them in the sightest!) but I have just found this site & I think it is a bargin! ‘If I had’ comes to mind! Well, here is the tk link http://countryhouse.tk/ & it covers this address http://finka.hostei.com/

      I love the palm tree drive way,

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      I am sorry to say that the property is way over priced. You will be lucky to recover the cost of the pool and the two palm trees.

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      Bloody hell, looks like uncle Toms cabin 😉 Who in their right mind would want out live there anyway. The palm trees are lovely 😆

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      oh dear…

      Well now the property bubble has burst and the light of day shines brightly on the Spanish property market, all I can say is good luck.

      If you knocked 100k Euros off the price I think you would still struggle to sell it Johnny.. Well in fact I know at 43k Euros it still wouldn’t sell.

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      Why do sellers make absolutely no effort to tidy the property and present it in the best light.

      Bedroom picture. Dirty towel over end of bed. Bra hanging from bedside draw handle. Other crap on the floor.

      Pool. Hosepipe in the pool, another towel drying on the post.

      House: Transit van parked between palm trees.

      No other pictures of internal rooms.

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