Is there any way of checking if a Spanish developer has got

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    into financial difficulty?

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    Depends how bad you want to know, the only real way of doing it is to pay for a credit check Dun and Bradstreet and various others will charge you up to £120 for a full report. If you know someone in business they may have have access to these reports, as most medium size companies have these reports on line.



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    I know that some companies lie in their accountancy but I dont know if this is a norm.

    The more secure way of getting a property in Spain is to buy one already completed. There is plenty of ones and some bargains are arrising because the climate of the economy going bad.

    For example, today I have heard about a 4 room flat for about 180.000 euros when the normal price for the zone was about 240.000 euros.

    Also there is some medium size companies that has a solid history of good business and good developments that I think will make them to survive well these days.

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    pay for a credit check

    Don’t just look at their accounts

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    In my experience most of the companies in Spain depending on their size do not get the accounts Audited. Further credit checks are historic, e,g if you did a search on a company they will provide the information which would be rosy as the market was very positive.

    p800aul, is correct “credit search” is only one of the tools availible to us as a consumer in any Country.

    When I purchased my place in Spain. I did a search and also spoke to people who were in the construction business. I must that I was lucky as I had contacts in that feild.

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