Is there a name for this practise?

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      I was interested to read about a trick that Russian buyers are said to be pulling in the Canaries, whereby at the very last minute, in the notary’s office, they insist on a big price reduction or pull out.

      Is there a name for this, like gazumping?

      The article states that deposits have sometimes been paid. Surely if a deposit has been paid (10pc is normal in Spain), and the buy side pulls out without good reason, they lose their deposit. Vendor can just bank the deposit and move on, maybe reduce the asking price by the value of the deposit.

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      Yes it’s gazundering.

      As you say if they have paid 10% under a standard contract it could not happen. If the vendor pulls out legally they have to forfeit the deposit and pay another sum. The terms are called ARRAS.

      Just read the article, sounds like something he made up on the back of a fag packet 😆 😆

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