Is the end in sight.

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      Hi All
      Posted on another forum 😕 With regards to Santa Maria Village.

      Good news at last, the long awaited license has now come through and the developer is going to do a big advertising campaign for the development.

      Our office is on site and we have already seen a small increase in interest over the last couple of weeks as people have heard that the license was imminent. We manage and have placed 27 long term rentals with 3 more going through this week and manage 6 more short term rental properties, we currently have a couple of sales that are going through also. If anybody would like to contact us please e-mail.

      Hopefully things will start moving now we have the license, we have also heard that the long awaited golf course is now going to be started (fingers crossed) because if this is true it can only be good for the urbanisation.

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      The Golf course was revoked at a very early stage. It was stopped even before phase 1 of Santa Maria Green Hills was revoked. If it does get built I wonder just how much the developers had to pay to the Town Hall cronies 👿 ❓ It’s like a merry go round.

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      Claire 😉
      How right you are. 😕
      Cant see the golf course going ahead somehow ?
      Its supposed to be onland with protected trees as far as I know.and as you say revoked ages ago.
      Who is going to pay for it?
      Why would they build it what are the motives ? another development ?
      Phase 1 Green Hills?
      One thing is for sure that if this is right then there will be some sort of trade off or monetary gain.
      Trying to get this checked out
      Sad that we have become sooo cynical.
      Frank 8)

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      How can the licence be issued the plan hasn’t been agreed by the junta 😕 The golf course will never be built.

      Frank I now see the extent of your personal interest 🙂

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      This is the reply back and seems everything is not quite like the posting.

      Legal Source . 🙂
      This is not exactly 100% true. They have been taken to court and the judge in Malaga awarded the developer the rights to enforce the client to complete as the first occupancy licence has not been rejected by the town hall so by default under the Spanish law it is deemed to be granted after three months!

      If they have the licence I’d love to see a copy of it!!!!


      See that all is not as quoted and to be taken with a pinch of salt just like some of the bad news
      Claire and Katy 😉
      Think the golf course is off the menu somehow.

      Frank 8)

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