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      Having lived in Spain now for 5 years, we have become somewhat detached from everyday events in the UK, whilst I rarely read UK newspapers we do have that big dish so catch up with some english TV. It seems that everytime we watch the news or documentary programme it revolves around knife and gun crimes, yob culture, ASBO’s etc, etc. (or problems in the Spanish property market) 😥

      Has the fabric of society in the UK really got that bad, or is the media painting the picture worse than the reality. Obviously the question has been prompted by the shooting of the poor eleven year old.

      We have on numerous occasions considered a return to the UK but with a twelve year old son ourselves incidents like this do make us think that if not for our sake then our sons his future is better and safer in Spain.

      Please this is a genuine question, with sincere motives, not an agent trying to discredit the Uk and play up Spain.



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