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    My girlfriend recently lost her father and he owns a flat in majorca. This flat has is in his spanish will and is left equally to her and 3 other siblings (25%) each.

    The lawyer we have been dealing with has finally got back to us with the cost invloved to sell the property/execute the will…the figures he has quoted are pretty steep and i was wondering if anyone out there can provide what they think they should be…

    The flat is valued at 250000 euroes and all beneficiaries are all aged over 21…

    if anyone has experience that can help explain what the costs are (everyting from tax to NIE nums to average lawyer fees…) and how to keep these to a minimum that’d be amazing!!!

    Many thanks

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    Fuengi (Andrew)

    i would suggest approaching several other lawyers then or asking your lawyer for a breakdown of the costs.

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    We have asked for a breakdown and he has provided one but it all seems a bit steep, if anyone has similar past experience I was hoping for a rough estimate…

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    Fuengi (Andrew)


    there are too many variables. unless you willing to post on here quite a few financial and personal details.

    You best bet is approach another lawyer and ask for a quote.

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