I’m a doomster what do you recommend in terms of funds?

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      What are good hedges against the looming financial disaster? Just switched my placements.

      UBS (Lux) Str. Sicav – Rogers Int Commodity Index (EUR) “don’t really like that it’s in euros but at least so far they have been sticking somewhat to their fiscal responsibilities”. In my pension plan this is one of the few pure commodities choices I can choose, my reasoning is that commodities will always go up in value in unstable financial climates and it’s also a hedge against states printing new money. If business stays sort of good the need for commodities will still become higher. Jim Rogers the doomster is behind it. Gone down a lot in the last few years which I think bodes well for the future. 40%

      Granit Kina 130/30 China fund geared more towards commodities of sorts and more down to earth products. I believe strongly in China but they will also have hard time with high commodities prices. They are a lender nation most of europe and the US is not. China in general has been a success story you look at from a few years perspective. I have never doubted China funds successes and it has paid off well. I have stayed out of them the last year. 40%

      East Capital Turkey quite a stable country in a none stable area of sorts. Very secular muslim nation and business oriented people. I hope they don’t throw away the teachings of Ataturk. Small national debt. Gateway to the arab world. Should in all honesty sell this one off but It has brought me so much success in the recent past that I have only lowered it to 20%. Problematic surroundings with a lot of problems with the kurds. Potential disaster to own.

      Nations have pumped in so much money in the economy the last few years and it’s now starting to wear off. Sure they can keep on doing it but to what avail? My bet is that sometime after the election the US the world wide economy will go into the toilett.

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      Gold & silver coins, I guess 😕

      Or Spanish property… 😉

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