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    Starting with Colombia at No. 10

    Ending with Hong Kong at No. 1

    What the hell is going on in Duabai???? Prices rose 19pc there last year. Didn’t it just go through a real estate bubble and burst?

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    The difference is that Dubai is so free in pure economic terms that they adjust so quickly. They don’t have the huge welfare state apparatus to deal with and as such less waste. I’m not really surprised that it recovered so quickly. They are not as free as I would have liked in many other areas though.

    Hong Kong should be the role model of most countries with economic problems. They are just such a superior construction and only time will tell if they continue on the same route. If I could and had the possibilities this is where I would live my life. It’s actually kinda funny that their sucess could be tracked back decades ago and our stupid governments just kept going with their old policies.

    Both of these are also a capital flight destination when government all around the western world tries to steal it’s citizens assets.

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