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      Claire McClelland


      We have been looking to rent a villa for a few weeks in August.  I have found an online company and the property we like is available.  However they have asked for money to be paid via bank transfer – they do not accept credit card or paypal payments.  How can I be sure that the company is legitimate and not a scam?

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      Morning Claire,

      You simply don´t. I would be be very weary of paying a company that does not accept payment via credit card or Paypal. These two payment methods have fraud protection enabled, a simple bank transfer won’t and it will be very difficult to claw back your money if you have been scammed.

      I’m not sure if you are aware there are a large number of scammers advertising fake holiday rentals at fabulous prices in Spain as seen in the press lately. When the client shows up at the property with family and friends it pans out he paid a bogus company.

      You know the saying, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.



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      Stay well away from this company


      Why not let us know the name  of the company and it can be checked out I know most of the genuine ones on the Costa Blanca

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      Ulf Norberg

      Well I have been rented out my properties since 2012 and have so far, only banktransfer to my Spanish Bank as possible. So you can not ONLY go by banktransfer to find scammers! They use more Western Union and such companies.


      Look at how long time they have been letting out!..Read the reviews…and so on. I have now tried to use Homeaways online payments..BUT of any reason….Spanish Bank is not possible yet!

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