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      HELLO I’M NEW.

      I’m so glad I found this forum – it’s full of interesting stuff.

      I have been reading on the forum about how to complete the 214 form. I think I have got it sussed for this year:

      Renta = Catastral Value x 1.1% x 25%
      Patrimonia = Catastral Value x 2% x 25%

      However, we had solicitor doing our returns for the last 2 years and he calculated the Renta as Catastral Value x 1.1%. Has the law changed in the last couple of years or is he incompentent?

      We have overpaid by 180 euros – is there any chance of getting this back from the authorities or offsetting against a future year?

      Also when calculating the Renta he used the Declared Value which was more than the Catastral Value at the time, but the Catastral Value seems to go up every year. Are we supposed to be notified of this or is it just inflation?

      I noticed that the tax rate for the Renta is 24% from 2007. Does this mean when I fill in the form next year I should 24% rate instead of 25% or is that for the 2006 form?

      Thanks for any help I will be ever so grateful.

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