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    I came to Spain in 2004, and viewed several properties with my friend, who lived here with a view to purchasing.

    Towards the end of my holiday, I went to view a new build property, and wanted to buy it, the building contract at that time was in the name of my friend, who explained it would be soon completed.

    When I went back to the UK, I placed a small deposit on the property.

    Because I was dealing with my friend, we never had a formal contract in place, and agreed the cost of the property and terms verbally.

    Due to it taking much longer to sell my property in the UK, I was unable to pay the balance of the agreed cost until July of 2005

    I moved into the property of July of 2005, and am currently living there, the property is free of all charges, and I am living there peacefully.

    My problem is that my friend and I have never been to the notary to complete the sale officially, and now she is refusing to do so, saying I have failed to make all the payments agreed

    Since I do not have any contract, or proof of our agreement, is there anything I can do?

    I do have proof that the payments were made, as they were made by bank transfer, but there was never any note against the transfers with regard to the property being purchased.

    I was unaware that there was a problem with the escritura not being in my name, until I went to file my taxes, when the gestor asked me for a copy of my escritura

    The vendor and I are no longer friends, and she has since moved to the UK

    Is there any recourse I can take legally?

    I have no witnesses to our agreement, and no form of paperwork to prove the payments were even for the property I am now living in.

    With hindsight, I realise this was a very foolish thing to do, but I could never have imagined a dear friend could do this to me


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