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    My partner and i have just purchased a new propert in Spain. Our fiscal rep has been a waste of time. We had to give her power of attourney as we couldn’t be in Spain at time of completion. We paid a lot of money towards the price of the house so we would only need a small mortgage. After paying the deposits we paid another lump sum and informed our solicitor of this but she still singed for a mortgage that was double what we needed. After many e mails she has still not rectified the problem after she said she would. We have never had a run down of costs etc and money has gone from our account and don’t know what for, even though i have asked. I am now contemplating legal action against her. Can anyone advise me of what to do and which solicitor (near Alicante) to see?

    Thanks, a deprate woman

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    PM me your case if you wish but write it down in full detail, please (such as did you pay the stage payments to an escrow account of the law firm, to her own bank account, to the developer ? Do you have a copy of the private contract ? Bank Guarantees ? date of delivery ? etc…

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