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      Can any help?

      I have a rental property in Andalusia and have registered it with the tourist authority.  One of the requirements that is needed to be followed is that guests need to complete a registration form which then needs to be submitted to the local guardia civil within 24 hours of the guests arrival.  Does anybody know how I can submit these forms when you are U.K based?  From what I have read they can be presented, faxed or submitted electronically but don’t have address, fax number or am not registered to send electronically…….feeling a bit stuck with complying with this legislation.




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      Yes, its true, this form needs to be filled out. In my case, I have an agent working for me who gets a small fee for doing this work…


      I hope this helps a bit.

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      Hi, we have an apartment in Nerja which we rent out. We get the tenants to email their details i.e. passports when they book. we then email them to our agents/cleaning company who take a form to the tenants, get them to sign it and then take the completed form, passports etc to the Guardia Civil.

      They obviously make a small charge for this.

      One important note to remember is that sofa beds in living rooms a not allowed, bedrooms have to be bedrooms, in the good old days you could say 2 bedrooms, sleeps 6. Not any more.

      Do not forget your complaints book and signs.

      I hope this helps as well

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