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    I have been trying to get back my deposit from a Spanish builder who has not completed by the expected date

    My Spanish lawyer sent me the following email

    And you are quite
    right considering that even if the Court orders the builder to give you back
    the money it doesn’t mean that the builder is going to give you directly (if
    that’s case it would be necessary to execute the builder which will imply
    more expenses and time for you).

    Well I had in mind some hideous torture if the money was not forthcoming, but maybe this is going too far 😉

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    😆 Hell no, get it over with in one fell swoop! Good to see you still have a sense of humour!

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    asenoj: The user of this forum always suggest that one should take legal advise. You have just done this please go ahead an execute the developer and do not treat him/her gently.

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    an execution, great!

    i think we should wait ’till o load more executions are deemed the only fair justice for dodgy developers/agents/lawyers, then make it public, sell tickets, and give the monies to those wronged by the executed one’s.

    if only eh’ ?……seems fair to me!

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    😀 😀

    I seem to remember a post a few weeks ago that suggested “shooting the mayor”. Coupled with “executing developers” this would make a great weekend Fiesta. Count me in 😀

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    Yes I agree there should be a new fiesta in Soain where every person who have been wronged can gather together and I can tell you one thing…the streets would sure be packed.
    It is typical suggesting that basically why should you bother trying to get your hard earned money back, why not just give it to them?
    i remember when we were taking our court action against the developers who sold us out property the developers had the audacity to write to our solicitor and as him “why we were so persuant in getting our money back when after all had we not got another house in another country”?
    I could not believe it when the solicitor showed us the letter.
    That will just tell you the mindset of these developers!!
    Do not let them away with anything and go to court and take whatever it takes to get your money back and if the judge orders them to give it back and they dont then go back again and get an embargo on their bank accounts like we had to do…

    Good Luck!!

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    well done you, i think you are soooooooo right. I hate this ‘why not just admit defeat’ attitude. We should all fight, while their is any chance of justice.

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