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    We met a couple of English people a couple of years ago who were contemplating buying some rustic land near to ours. The land was being made into wetlands and they were hoping to build a house on it.

    The electricity was never connected up and therefore the water didn’t flow through the pipes and the avocados died. The “wetlands” certificate was withdrawn.

    Two years later they have been to the town hall to find out if a building licence will ever be issued for the plot of about 6,000 square metres. I was very surprised to hear that they have been encouraged to build on the land as quickly as possible (without a licence being issued) and told to ignore notices from the town hall asking them to stop building.

    As they have spent about 100,000 euros on the land (including building a deposito and a bore hole, they see building on it the only way to get back any value.

    The town plan is now said to be finalised in December. The land in question will be on National Park. Surely it would be stupid to build?

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    You, would have thought so. But not in Spain as you can read on the forum.

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